Facing the Challenge of Traveling with Children

Traveling with children, especially when they are of teenage years, is on a whole different level than traveling with a bunch of hungry badgers. It is in this very stage when they start thinking it is uncool to travel with their moms and dads. Their friends become their preferred travel buddies and they no longer feel the thrill in shouting, “We’ll be flying on an airplane today!”


If you are planning for a family trip, it is important that you take account of this fact. Get your trip to become exciting for everyone by letting your teens have a say in the planning process.

Help them pack.

By getting yourself involved in their packing, you’ll get an idea of what they really want to do throughout the trip. They might even hint you on things which they couldn’t tell you during the planning phase. Perhaps, they wanted to go to a particular place or get a particular souvenir.


Encourage them to document.

Get them to treasure the memory by asking them to keep a journal or a daily scrapbook. Help your kids process and collect their experiences and observations. Doing this will not only make your family trip a lot more relevant to them, it will also open them to be more aware of their feelings and reactions to different cultures and traditions.


Ask about what they think of your trip itineraries.

Find out what they are more interested in and perhaps you can make adjustments then. Get them to browse guidebooks or research activities online with you. You may even want to take them along to the travel agency and have them ask as many questions as they desire.

Also, don’t forget to account for the jet lag. Allow a few low-impact days so your family can rest aplenty to enjoy the next days. You wouldn’t want a tired, grumpy teen complaining about not getting enough sleep throughout the trip now, would you?


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