Extreme Adventures in New Zealand

For the traveler who seeks thrill after thrill, make New Zealand your next destination. With plenty of adventures and extreme activities to offer, there will be no problem making your itinerary as exciting as possible. Here is just some of what you can do in NZ that will make your heart race:

Bungee Jump from the Kawarau Bridge


The site of the world’s first ever commercial bungee jump operation, the Kawarau Bridge is 42 meters above the gushing Kawarau River. Doing this jump has become a rite of passage for many adventure travelers out there, so head to this place now and get that adrenaline rush you’re seeking!

Skydiving in Queenstown


Want to have a different take on seeing New Zealand’s beautiful landscape? View it from over 12,000 feet in the air! There are various companies in the city and all throughout NZ that offer tandem jumps where you’ll be taken through the adventure step by step. You’ll learn the dos and don’ts and what to expect. More important, you’ll have an adventure you will not soon forget.

Off-road Driving in Northland


See New Zealand’s impressive agricultural heritage by taking a Land Rover or a quad bike through back-country roads and tracks. See forests, sheep trails and even sand dunes on the way. Make sure to buckle up for the trails will definitely provide you the challenging ride of your dreams.

White Water Rafting in Christchurch


Want to experience a white-knuckle ride down turbulent rapids and fast-flowing rivers? Just head to the resort town of Christchurch and be excited for a special experience. If you have the budget, combine a helicopter ride with rafting for maximum enjoyment.

All in all, New Zealand is a beautiful country worth exploring. And if you are an adventure junkie, the country will more than cater to your needs. Other adventures you can try include ziplining, caving, heli-biking and a whole lot more.

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