Expo Milan2015 is preparing for the big event: D’Alfonso

Even if it is going to be in 2 years, the city of Milan is preparing to host a major event, Expo 2015 and beyond issues of ‘practices’ and policies (which we will not), let’s look at what is happening from the point of expert-travel, given that they expect ‘million tourists’.

Expo 2015

Expo 2015

The city definitely wants to make a good impression, especially with foreign tourists, so that the commissioner of Commerce, Franco D’Alfonso, has launched an appeal to restaurateurs:

“We need more transparency. The tourist must sit at the table and know exactly how much it will spend, without the surprise of the covered”

We speak, of course, the ‘covered’ in the restaurant, “one of the things that most bothers the foreign tourists because it exists only in Italy”.

Let’s keep commenting:

“This summer there have been no incidents of crazy receipts thanks to an operation of ‘moral suasion’ we have been pursuing with the traders. Sure, it was spreadit all over 40 thousand years in the city will be more complicated, but we are already working”

The tourists have to treat them well, trying not to make a spender of their heritage. In Milan they are lacking low cost solutions – or rather there are still few – and the city is looking for a private operator to retrieve the municipal stable Ripa di Porta Ticinese 83 to give birth to a hostel-hotel with 120 beds. For now, I get 18 responses, and by the end of the year, announced the commissioner, the City will launch the tender for the assignment.

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