Destinations for the adventurers

They are some of the best destination for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers as well as for those wanting to try new things and expereience all kinds of emotions. The following list has some great places to explore, learn and enjoy.

1. Climbing and rafting in Argentina

Argentina has many rivers optimal for rafting. A great one is the Mendoza River Atuel, offering options for both novices and experts. Moreover, in the high Andean peaks of Mendoza you can ride a horse and mountaineer, from trekking to climbing Mt. Aconcagua.

Rafting in Rio Atuel

Rafting in Rio Atuel

2. Trekking and climbing in Glaciers

For those who want to see the large icebergs up close, a good option is to skip the boat tour and walk on the Perito Moreno or climb the vertiginous slopes of Viedma.

3. Paragliding in Rio de janeiro

This Brazilian city is one of the best places in South America for paragliding, as its height can reach 800 meters for you to enjoy the incredible view of forests and beaches.

Paragliding, Rio de Janeiro

Paragliding, Rio de Janeiro

4. Browse the Amazon in Selva

Home to great biodiversity, endemic species and trees of almost 50 meters high, it is the largest rainforest in the world. The expedition through its lush nature includes sections on foot, bike or horseback and even by boat or canoe to reach the mouth of the Black River where piranhas, electric eels and other exotic animals hide.

5. Safaris in Kenya

Safaris on elephant backs or 4×4 trunks for watching the animals are the main attraction. The parks of Samburu, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli and Aberdare are the backdrop to discover the wild nature.

Amboseli National Park at sunset

Amboseli National Park at sunset

6. Camels through the desert of Morocco

Marrakech is the gateway to the Sahara desert, the largest arid zone in the world. The camel ride dunes are only occasionally interrupted by acacias, palms and thorny bushes. After traveling several hours with stops to small oasis, a nomadic camp is set in a tent and you get the chance to sleep under the stars. A truly a unique experience.

7. Trekking in New Zeland

Milford track is considered the most beautiful trail in the world due to its sheer ice, rivers, mountains, valleys, forests and waterfalls. These can be covered in 4 days to reach an area of narrow fjords in Milford Sound.

Wild New Zealand

Wild New Zealand

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