Caravanning and Camping: The healthiest holiday for your kids

The popularity of caravan and motorhome holidays continues to rise among UK holiday makers. It is now estimated that the caravan and motorhome industries are  responsible for a whopping £6 billion contribution to the UK economy each year. With over one million active leisure caravans out and about around Britain it might be time for you to forget about the stress of loading the kids on a plane to Spain and get the family out among the wonders of the great British outdoors.

What’s more, a recent UK study carried out by the Institute of Education at Plymouth University and The Camping and Caravanning Club showed that Children who camp in the great outdoors, whether that’s in motorhomes or tents, at least once a year go on to do better at school, as well as being healthier and happier, according to their parents.

The first thing to remember when considering taking your family on a caravan, motorhome or camping holiday is that, unlike a cheap package holiday to the Costa Del Sol, there will be no stressful airports to navigate, no baggage limitations, no hidden costs, no airport taxes, no crying on the plane, no balking at foreign foods and no panicking over lost passports or boarding passes.

A caravan or motorhome is a home away from home. No longer are you limited by what can fit in a suitcase and the kids can take anything they want with them: endless changes of clothes, video games, board games, giant teddy bears, musical instruments. Even the cat, dog or a timid hamster can be packed off on a caravanning holiday (saving a fortune on kennel fees or Cadbury’s Roses). You can take everything that your kids are used to with you as well as all the home comforts that you’re used to. From baby equipment to food preparation you can bring everything that you need to keep the kids within a familiar environment as well as their daily routines.

Family Motorhome

Family Motorhome

The other thing to remember about taking your family on a caravan holiday is the freedom to do things on your own schedule. You wont have to worry about missing hotel breakfasts or booking restaurants that are child friendly, and the great thing about not having to eat out is that you will save a fortune over a long holiday (plus the kids can eat the home cooked meals that they are used to). It’s not just food that you can save on though because everyone sleeping under one roof also means that you can wipe huge hotel costs straight off of your holiday budget.

Running costs including things like caravan and motorhome insurance have changed significantly over the years so caravan and motorhome holidays can be incredibly cheap to put together.  With specialist caravan insurance providers like Shield Total Insurance offering caravan cover from £48 a year, you can be sure that you caravan and possessions are fully covered should the worst happen.

Caravan and motorhome holidays are also far more eco-friendly than taking holidays aboard. Don’t be worried about the cost of petrol on the environment when driving across the UK because a single flight to the USA will amount to more Co2 emissions in one journey than you’ll probably rack up in a car for a whole year. Caravan users and campers are also known to leave far smaller carbon footprints than any other holiday-makers because they have to work on limited supplies of water, electricity and gas, making them less wasteful with their resources. Also, staying in a hotel leaves a much larger carbon footprint than travelling around in a caravan or motorhome; just think of all the millions of towels unnecessary washed in hotels all around the world each day for a start.

The best thing about a caravan, motorhome or camping holiday is the chance to show your family (and discover for yourself) the beauty of the great British outdoors. So much of modern life is spent indoors but the UK has some of the finest natural experiences to be had in the world. From the glorious Lake District to the national parks of the Highlands and the stunning coastline of the Gower Peninsula, Britain really does have it all. There’s no better way to educate your children in the splendours of their own country than getting them out there among all the natural wonders that we have here on our own soil.

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