Camp Grounded | Digital detox in the summer camp for adults in California

Reading the newspapers in the sections dedicated to health, it is always easier to come across articles that talk about digital detox , the wound at the same time that saves a few – compulsive checking of mobile and social networks of significant proportions and mushrooming places to detox by technology. One of the most forward in this regard is California, if you are toying with the idea of ​​a trip to the States for next summer, consider the Anderson Valley.

Camp Grounded

Camp Grounded

Among its woods you will find the Camp Navarro, an island really happy to pull the plug , casting off from reassuring illusions of digital contact , while getting away for a while  from fleeting and ephemeral ties to the so-called virtual friends. The Camp Grounded promises all this, and to do that , it organizes weeks back to the childhood of true cohesion through activities such as art workshops , but also offers curious activities type the pillow fights , as well as yoga classes , rock climbing, cooking, creative writing and … evenings to roast the marshmallows of course! Do you want to book the flights already?

The periods to do whatever are 3: 6-9 , 13-16 and 20 to 23 June 2014; stay in the bungalows with 8 beds. The idea is to do a summer camp as it was when you guys (the campsite is a basic boy- scout with over 100 years of age), so be aware that you will not find alcohol and night areas of men and women are strictly separated. That said, given that the experience lasts only three days, it can be very instructive in this collection. But the question is : will you stand 36 hours without connection?

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