British Airways extends the low cost rate “only hand luggage”

Hand-only luggage, hand luggage only, so commercially is called the cheapest rate for British Airways, which will be applied to a series of flights from Heathrow and London City.  Among the flights initially selected to test the convenience of this new commercial rate, will even be the London Heathrow – Rome Fiumicino.

British Airways

British Airways

Continues, and extends, the new tariff policy of British Airways, which had started to sell these tickets on a series of flights departing from Gatwick (like you get from Gatwick to London?), including also the London Gatwick – Turin.

The new strategy, which has started from February this year, has the obvious objective of combating competition from low cost, responding on their own ground, that of prices.

Thus, even on flights of noble British Airways, you can buy discounted tickets, no frills tickets (no frills), cheaper than others because you give up one or more services.

Some British commentators, giving us the news, made ​​fun of imagining that in the future, who would carry the normal hold baggage, you will end up paying an extra.

Irony that does not touch the head of British Airways, who commenting on the initiative, explained that the decision for the further expansion of the offer was made after checking the excellent results recorded during the first test period.

If this test phase will have the same success as the previous one – the company will be ready to extend the British fare to all destinations in the short and medium range. In short, it will be a true declaration of war and low cost battle.

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