Be a Responsible Traveler, Be an Eco-Tourist

Traveling to different places allows you to develop a deeper sense of appreciation for all of Mother Nature’s wonders. When that happens, you become more aware of your surrounding and more willing to contribute to its preservation.

How do you become a responsible traveler or eco-tourist?

Always pick up your litter. Whether you’re in a park people-watching, lounging on a beach or hiking near the Himalayas, always make sure you leave to trash behind you. It’s the simplest thing you can do to help rid the Earth of rubbish.


Bring your own drinking bottle with you wherever you are. Plastic is the number source of pollution all over the world. By having your own water bottle, you help lessen the use of this toxic waste. But before you fill it up with tap water, make sure that it’s safe to drink. Be sure to fill up first thing before you go about your tour.


Don’t buy travel-size bath products. Some shampoos and conditioners in Asian countries are sold in sachets. This may sound like a practical move, but by using products in these sizes, you are adding to the number of plastic in the environment. What you can do though, is to buy full-sized bath products and some small reusable containers so you can keep the rest at home.


Dine at local eateries, not fast food chains. Local diners or vendors don’t use plastic cutlery, fast food stores do. So, choose to sample local fares instead.

Use public transport. The concept of using buses, trains and even tuktuks in some Asian regions is like carpooling with friends on your way to the office. It helps you save money because rentals are expensive. Plus, it helps minimize pollution.


Contribute your time and energy. There are ecovolunteerism tours that take you dolphin tracking or conserving sea turtles in different parts of the globe. Just make sure you gather as much information before you book anything.

By being a more conscious traveler, you are not only enjoying a great time abroad, but also helping save Mother Earth.


Photos by: MickRoberto FaccendaNick Gray and Clay Gilliland

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