Away from the Beach | Adventure Holidays in Barbados

When you think of Barbados, you probably think of sipping cocktails on a golden beach in sight of the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, but there are plenty of activities away from the sand to keep the most adventurous of tourists happy.

Action Charters

Charter a Catamaran boat for the day and explore the wide blue, with a chance to swim with sea turtles.

A fantastic chance to explore the ocean and rugged coastline, the charter crew will pick you up from the beach, where you will spend several hours at sea swimming, exploring the fantastic tropical fish, and then swimming with turtles that live locally around the shallows. A fantastic experience! The tour also includes a complimentary drink and snacks.

Barbados Island

Barbados Island

Harrison Cave

If you’re the sort of person who prefers to have both feet firmly on land, then by all means don’t forget to explore the famous Harrison’s Cave.

One of the wonders of the world, this beautiful limestone cavern is alive with crystallized rock and beautiful stalactites; hot springs, bubbling streams and rivers of pure water run right through the cave, forming quiet pools and mysterious lakes sympathetically lit up so as to preserve the natural beauty.

Going as far down as 170 feet, it’s an awe-inspiring natural wonder. The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and explain how Barbados was formed, and the rock formations and mutations that make it completely different to other Caribbean Islands. With regular stops for individual questions and photographs, it’s an ideal family day trip.

Barbados Beach

Barbados Beach

Adventure Safari

After a couple of days spent relaxing on the beautiful white sand beaches, cooling off in the sea and reading your favourite book by the pool, why not rev your engines with the full-throttal, all-systems-go Adventure Safari?

A fascinating and highly entertaining day trek on an open-top 4×4, the trek navigates you from the Northeastern to the Eastern side of the island. The highly skilled drivers and tour guides will introduce you to some of the most beautiful, isolated parts of Barbados.

On this safari, you get to explore the majestic Edge Cliff, a cavernous terrain, and explore Bathsheba. Barbados legend has it that Bathsheba was once the wife of King David, and every day she visited the wild beach terrain to bathe in milk to preserve her beauty. Today, the land is breathtakingly beautiful; an expanse of wide, white sand beaches sit alongside a dramatic coastline and rugged rock formations straight out of a silent film. Visitors come to breathe the invigorating air and bathe in the white pools dotted along the wild beach, said to contain life-giving minerals.

After a chance to explore the beautiful mountain sides, walk along the rugged beach and bathe in the white mineral pools, visitors also have the chance to explore the tiny fishing locale of Bathsheba: with quaint, traditional houses, hand-carved fishing jetty’s and traditional restaurants serving freshly caught fish and spicy rice, it’s a fantastic day out and provides a perfect opportunity for the photographers among you to grab photos you will never forget.

After a beach lunch of traditional Barbados cuisine and the famous Rum Punch, you will then explore Joe’s River Forest: a National Forest recognized for its Elk, Trout and Salmon populations, as well as it’s awe-inspiring scenic views and endangered animal species. A truly fantastic day out.

Barbados photos: Perry Sawatzky.

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