Asian Cities With the Best Nightlife Experience

Sure, all continents can offer a good nightlife experience, but no continent offers it like Asia! From Bangkok’s seedy clubs to Hong Kong’s high-end bars, here’s where exactly you should roam to enjoy the Asian nightlife experience completely.


Shanghai, China

Shanghai is known to offer loud, brash but ultimately unforgettable nightlife.

Head to No 88 and you’ll meet up-tempo partiers who enjoy the classic Chinese clubbing experience. But if you want your night to have a little more edge, you can always drop by The Shelter. Here, you’re sure to enjoy electronic music with a younger audience. Or, if you want to burn some money, Bar Rouge with its astonishing rooftop deck over the Shanghai skyline would be perfect.


Hong Kong

If partying amongst skyscrapers interests you, then Hong Kong is the place to be.

See expats and locals mingle in the posh cocktail lounges and nightclubs in Lan Kwai Fong. Head to SoHo and there you’ll find where the most fashionable people in the city gather. Across town, there’s also the dark neighborhood of Wan Chai where a compelling mix of upscale and red-light district nightlife meets. If anything is abundant in Hong Kong, it’s rooftop bars with stunning views.


Bangkok, Thailand

Forever immortalized in the famous Hangover 2 film as the wildest city in the world is Bangkok.

Bangkok is where party-seeking tourists congregate, jumping from red-light districts to gigantic nightclubs. But the nightlife here isn’t always all sleazy though. If you go to RCA, you’ll find people who just want to have a good chill night, dancing and meeting new friends. But to find the trendiest night spots, head to Thong Lo. A really cool establishment you should check out there is the Iron Fairies. It’s a small jazz bar with interiors resembling something out of Tim Burton films – both fun and magical.


Photos by Jyotsna Sonawane黃 zeroLarry Oien and Fabio Venni

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