An Essential Guide to Packing for your First Camping Trip

When you are planning any break away it can be hard to know what to pack. The good news is that help is at hand. Here is our checklist of the items you really do not want to be leaving out of your luggage! After all, there will be no local shops or a hotel reception to help you out.


The first thing to consider is shelter. You most definitely do not want to find yourself in the middle of the wilderness without one of these. There are different kinds of tents on the market so it really just depends on what suits you. If you have never built a tent before you should save yourself some hassle and even practice putting it up in the back garden or cheat and buy a pop up one.


At the very least you are going to need a waterproof ground sheet and a sleeping bag but, depending on how much you like your creature comforts, you may also like to add to that a pillow and even a mat or an inflatable mattress too.

Food and Drink

The absolute other essentials are, of course, food and drink. The main things to remember when packing your food is that you pack enough and that what you do pack you can store and eat. Tinned food is also a good option, as long as you also remember to pack an opener of course! In relation to the fluids that you take you need to bear in mind that you will need enough not only to keep you hydrated, but also to cook and bathe with. Although you may be able to utilise a nearby stream or lake, there is no guarantee that this will be accessible throughout your stay.

Camping Trip

Camping Trip


Unless you are planning on eating all of the delicious food you have taken with you raw and cold, you will also be needed a portable stove, a pan and or frying pan with lids and utensils to eat them with.


You will also need the usual travelling essentials such as sunscreen and a first aid kit. You will also need, of course, torches and a radio.

Additional Extras

Finally, although this item may not be essential in the strictest sense of the word, it is likely to come in very handy, particularly for a first time camper! This is a generator, and products of this type are commonly available through reputable sources such as SGS Engineering. This would prove a handy addition to a first time camper as it would enable you to be able to take all of your essential electrical items with you, such as a phone, laptop or even a mini fridge.

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