A number of interesting activities in Barcelona

If Barcelona is our next travel destination but we have not organized our itinerary , we can choose any of the following recommended activities for both daytime and evening entertainment. Another option would be to go with a popular city guide which can put you on the right path.

Horseback Riding: The riding offers usually include some classes or to be guided by a group of specialists. If you decide to get some lessons, usually classes last about 80 minutes at an average cost of 25 euros including a nice walk. Otherwise, the price can drop to 15 euros.

Barcelona city

Barcelona city

French Manicure: Lately it has become fashionable to attend French manicure sessions, a special technique that usually takes place in the well attended by tourists Sitges. Of course, it is recommended to go if you have enough time to get an additional break. Sessions last about 30 minutes at a cost of 22.50 euros.

Low cost Hand beauty: but Sitges also has other cheaper places for less ostentatious budgets, with affordable pedicure spa sessions for an hour.

There’s also trips to museums that are much sought after by foreign students, young tourists and travelers in general. There are profitable promotions to attend a fair amount of historical museums in Barcelona. Approximate price per package goes along 20 euros.



Sculpture Workshop: Barcelona has become known throughout Spain for the exquisite variety of sculptures and monuments that we can get to know. Therefore what better opportunity is there but to learn about some of the most representative masterpieces attending a sculpture workshop of 90 minutes per session. Plus the best of all, you should not invest too much money for this. Yes, it is recommended to have basic knowledge of art and sculpture.

Barcelona photos: Moyan Brenn, Pedro Kok.

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