9 Essential places to visit in Asturias

Asturias is one of the Spanish regions that I like. It has everything: sea, mountains, nice people, good food, charming villages, Picos de Europa, full of life, crystal clear rivers, fishing ports. Also, it’s a perfect place to go now, as a summer destination. Here are 9 essential places if you want to say you’ve met the best of Asturias:

1. The Cathedral and the old town of Oviedo

Asturian gothic masterpiece, this stylized and lonely tower presides an ancient helmet designed for pedestrians. Its construction lasted for three centuries, although there were parts like the aisle, which still had to wait another 200 years. Therefore it is considered a showcase of architectural styles.



2. The wall of San Lorenzo (Gijón)

It is the promenade along the beach of San Lorenzo, one of the best urban beaches of Spain. The wall is the great fair sample of Gijón, the place where you pass at least once a day, the distributor of all urban routes, always one step from any destination. It showcases the Cantabrian times and is full of walkers at any time, any day of the year.

3. Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre (Aviles)

Despite the controversy that surrounds this superb multi-purpose complex designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, it is worth going to see this incredible cultural ensemble that has filled curves, sinuous white and gray and an otherwise industrial landscape.

4. Tito Bustillo Cave (Ribadesella)

The sanctuary of the Asturian rock art. Men of the Upper Paleolithic (22,000 years. C.), who used it as a room, painted inside detailed hunting scenes depicting horses, aurochs, bison, reindeer, cattle.. and phalluses and vulvas. Its value lies in the quality of picture and the size and number of figures.

Asturias, Natural Paradise

Asturias, Natural Paradise

5. Playas de Llanes

There are many beautiful beaches in Asturias. Beaches like Toró, which is accessible on foot from the harbor with stone pinnacles that are exposed at low tide are amazing. The Ballota, a crescent of golden sand surrounded by forest and cliff, has been used as a natural setting in many films.

6. The Picos de Europa view from a lookout

Picos is a unique, unlike any mountain range. The view from the ridge of its peaks on a clear day and blue sky from any of the external viewpoints in Naranjo de Bulnes or even mythical Torre Cerredo sheathed in snow white coat is one of those images that linger on the retina for a lifetime.

7. Natural Park of Redes

Emblem of the Asturian nature (as could also be Muniellos forest). It has beech trees, clear rivers, chamois and roe deer, bears and grouse. Mountain pastures where cows graze the Asturian valleys are also a  beautiful part of this natural park.



8. Saliencia Lakes (Somiedo)

It is the most spectacular and beautiful area around the natural park of Somiedo. Lake Cave, the nearest, is half an hour walk from the car park. Along with the lagoon Almagrera (almost silted), Lake Calabazosa, Cerveriz Lake and Lake Valley are some of the largest lake sets of the Cantabrian Mountains.

9. Cudillero

Cudillero houses slide down a steep slope as if they had sewn up the mountain. Its streets are not for walking as it scales. Also the low road of its port, since the fifteenth century has remained as one of the most important whaling fleets of the Cantabric sea. Kudu is the most famous coastal resort town in the Principality.

Asturias Photos: Eneas Pedro, Saul GN, Pepa Martin.

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