7 Travel Items to Carry for Preventative Measures

When traveling, whether overseas or across the country, you will need to take a few items to ensure you enjoy a safe and uneventful trip. At the same time, when packing your bags, don’t fret as you don’t want to fill your suitcase and bags full of useless items. With these seven travel items, you can prevent problems and ensure you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Compression stockings: When watching the news or reading about travel, we often hear about people who develop severe, and often deadly, blood clots while on a long plane ride. To prevent this, don’t sit down the whole time. Every few hours, jump out of your seat and walk up and down the aisles. However, if you want greater protection, buy anti embolism socks and wear them under your normal outfit. Nobody will notice and you can protect yourself from a serious and often deadly issue.

7 Travel Items to Carry for Preventative Measures

7 Travel Items to Carry for Preventative Measures

Medicine: It’s not easy to replace your medication, especially while overseas. To remember your medication, put your carry-on bag next to your medicine as you can’t forget it with this tactic. At the same time, when carrying prescription medications, carry your prescription information as you will avoid problems with customs and TSA agents when you take your paperwork and keep it in order.

Sunblock: Even in the winter, you can land yourself in trouble if you lay on the beach all day. Once you end up with a massive sunburn, you will struggle the rest of your trip. To keep your skin feeling and looking nice, wear sunblock and apply it often. Furthermore, bring a wide-brimmed hat and wear it when you leave the hotel in the morning.

Waterless hand soap: Often, especially when overseas, you won’t find soap in the bathroom. Since it’s unwise to skip washing your hands, you can avoid issues when you throw a bottle of waterless soap in your bag. Then, when in a situation without soap, you can whip out the bottle and clean your hands.

Second pair of glasses and sunglasses: If you lose your glasses and can’t function well without them, you are screwed. To save yourself money, bring a spare pair of glasses. If you need sunglasses, pack a second pair, as you won’t want to buy them from an overpriced store.

Pain reliever: When sitting on a stuffed airplane for a long time, you will not feel at your best. To avoid headaches or other pains, bring Advil or another over-the-counter medication. Then, when you feel any pain, pop a pill or two and drink a glass of water.

Stomach soother: When traveling to exotic locations or visiting third-world countries, you will often put your stomach through a test. It’s easy to devour food and feel the pain in your stomach a few hours later. To enjoy relief and avoid an embarrassing situation, take a bottle of Pepto-Bismol with you on the trip. Then, at the first sign of pain in your stomach, chug it down and watch as your stomach issues disappear.

Whether you take an international vacation or head down to an adjacent state, you need to prepare for your journey. With these seven items, you will save yourself time and money. On the other hand, if you forget these important items, you will spend money and deal with plenty of pain.

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