7 reasons you should love Belgium

Sure, Belgium may be the birthplace of a person as iconic as Jean-Claude Van Damme. You may even associate it with waffles. But Belgium is much more than that.

That said, here’s a list of reasons you should love Belgium:

Beaches … lot’s of them


Sure, there is only about 70km of coast on the North Sea, but fret not about the availability of sun, sand and sea. One of the best destinations to head to is De Panne, which is just across the border from France. Here, you get the beach, shops and restaurants.

It’s home to the International Bathtub Regatta

This is an event where you get to see different kinds of bathtubs, rafts and even water slides floating down the Meuse River. 2014’s edition has already concluded, but you can always catch next years.


You get to see a carpet of flowers

The Grand Palace in Brussels is transformed into a patterned field of flowers every two years. It’s a lovely sight to see and one that shouldn’t be missed when in Belgium.

Street cafes are part of Belgian culture

When you want to have a little rest time and drink some coffee or have a nibble or so, there are lots of places you can head to in Belgium. Particularly, when you visit Graslei, a medieval port town in Ghent, you’ll see streets lined with cafes.

It’s filled with history

Mechelen is located halfway between Brussels and Antwerp and is a site for history lovers. There are palaces, a converted brewery (into a heritage center, no less) and eight historic churches.



Nothing more needs to be said. Just beer. Try different varieties when you visit any one of the many beer shops located in Brussels.


Now, these aren’t your normal “Belgian waffles.” Rather, these have deep holes and are sweet and they are sold in many street corners around Belgium.

Culture, food, drink, history … these are just a few great things Belgium has to offer. So, come for the food, admire the architecture and have a jolly good time!


Belgium travel photos from Jan 1147 (first photo) and Dennis Jarvis (3 remaining photos)

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