6 Tips for Your Next Midwest Travel Adventures

If you’re going on a vacation to see the Midwest, you’re probably pretty excited. While it’s a great place to visit, you need to be prepared before you go to make sure that you have the best trip possible. To make your adventure a fun one, follow these six tips.

1. Dress for Success

If you plan on vacationing in the summer, be prepared for heat, even if you think that you’re used to hot weather. In the 1995 Chicago Heat Wave, the heat index got up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. It usually doesn’t get that hot, but heat waves aren’t extremely rare either. Unlike Arizona and New Mexico, the heat isn’t a dry heat, so you’ll definitely be able to feel it. Bring cool clothes and sun protection – nothing’s worse than vacationing with a sunburn.

Midwest Travel

Midwest Travel

2. Think Small

The Midwest is comprised of 12 different states. Unless you have a lot of days available for your trip, don’t try to visit places that are too far apart. There are lots of attractions to visit, so no matter where you decide to go, you won’t have to worry about being bored, By staying close to one area, you’ll have more time to explore.

3. Find a Main Attraction

Focus your vacation around one or two attractions – the rest of your time can be spent nearby. It can be hard to decide where to go, but here are a few ideas:

4. Try It – You’ll Like It

There are a lot of activities to pick from, so don’t just stick to your favorite ones – try some new things too. If you visit in the winter, Wisconsin has some wonderful dogsled touring companies, and spring is a great time to give white water rafting a try. Even if you’re not a history buff, check out a few of the many cool museums in the Midwest, and don’t forget to try as many local diners as possible.

5. Bring a Car

While you probably want to focus on one area instead of the entire Midwest, you should still bring your car. Many areas have great public transportation, but a lot of the Midwest is rural. This makes for a relaxing vacation, but it means that you’ll need private transportation if you’re planning on venturing out of urban areas like Chicago and Springfield.



6. Be a Tourist

Stopping at small places that only the locals know about is wonderful and rewarding, but don’t try too hard to be a local. You’re not a local – you’re a tourist. It’s okay to take a picture with the Jolly Green Giant or go on a drive to see the Longaberger Company‘s basket-shaped headquarters. There’s a reason why certain places attract tourists – they’re fun.

All of these tips are great to keep in mind, but no matter how you go about planning your vacation, you’ll have a great time. The Midwest offers fun for all kinds of people, so while it’s great to plan, don’t stress about it too much.

Midwest Travel photos: Todd Landry, Round the world girl, Moyan Brenn.

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