6 Destinations You Should Keep in Your Bucket List

So you’ve been to Paris, Los Angeles and Venice, to name a few. But you’ve probably haven’t been to these top travel destinations that are worth a spot in your bucket list.

 1. Elqui Valley, Chile 


The dry, clear skies and high altitude in northern Chile offers the best spot for having a romantic stroll under a blanket of stars. It is the perfect place to stargaze. In fact, it has the world’s largest research telescopes. At the heart of the northern part of the country is Elqui Valley, a 100-mile strip of vineyards and orchards on the southern edge of Atacama Desert.

 2. Durban, South Africa

Aside from its beautiful beachfront promenade, which is getting some much-needed upgrades, Durban boasts pleasant weather all year. Here, you can sample scrumptious dishes from dining spots like California Dreaming, Surf Rider’s Café and Afro’s Chicken, to name a few. You will also enjoy its local shopping and pub scene. You might also want to join a city walk while you’re holidaying in this part of the planet.

 3. Bolivia


Because it has finally become stable and open to the word, there are now new attractions that will surely make your vacation more memorable. There are luxe tent camp trips that will take you across the Salar de Uyuni. You can also check out the local fine-dining restaurant or a street food tour in La Paz.

 4. Vincent and the Grenadines 


One reason to travel to St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the largest development project to have been undertaken here – the new $240 million Argyle International Airport. Here, you can scuba dive, snorkel or just while away the time in a private island resort, the Petit St. Vincent. One thing that sets this holiday destination apart is that it manages to preserve its peace.

 5. Tanzania

Some of the things that make this place a great tourist destination are its luxurious lodges, tented camps and national parks.

 6. Oman


One thing that makes Oman different from the rest of the United Arab Emirates is that its staggering peaks are made of mountains, not skyscrapers. Aside from that, its dramatic coastlines are not man-made, and it has then sheer silence of its numerous ravines. However, major developments are starting to surface in the city, like hotels of Dubai-like proportions as well as resorts.

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