5 Reasons to Love Cambodia After Traveling Here for the First Time

Contrary to what many people who haven’t been there believe, Cambodia is a friendly place that offers a lot to every type of traveler. Whether you’re on your first solo trip or a seasoned backpacker, the Khmer Land is the perfect place to spend a holiday that’s unlike any other. Here are five reasons to prove you’ll love it here:

The mesmerizing and captivating Angkor Wat.


No one can deny that Angkor Wat has become a national symbol. Aside from the reasons that it’s a magnificent historical piece of art, its massive structure creates that beautiful skyline against the sun that makes it all the more hard to resist. There are lots of old temples crumbling in the jungle that will let you get away for a bit from the throng of other tourists wanting to see Angkor.

The small but vibrant Siem Reap.

Siem Reap: nightmarket bar

These little spots are a crowd favorite among locals and foreigners for its many bars and restaurants that mostly line the streets. It also has the best little night markets that offer anything from food to clothes.

The food that’s cooked to perfection.


Speaking of restaurants, Cambodia is home to some of the best cooks in the world. Head to towards the coast and find little shacks that offer seafood of every kind and watch as your meal is taken out of the water, to the stove and to your table.

If you want a meal that’s close to your heart though (Western food), you can find diners that offer affordable burgers and ribs and many more.

The lovely people you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

The Khmer people have yet to recover from their tragic history. But despite a tumultuous past though, Cambodians remain strong, positive and hospitable. When you meet locals, you’ll see just how warm, genuine and caring they are.

The stunning beaches.


The lovely beaches in Cambodia will make you fall more in love with the country. The warm, turquoise waters and the swaying palms that dance in the limelight along the shore are more reasons to love this country and want to come back here.

Even the expat crowd here is something you will love. Meeting people from different places and with different backgrounds is another adventure on its own. So, come to Cambodia now!

Photos by: mendhak@felixtrillerSu–MayKeith Parker

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