5 Questions to Ask Your Kids before Traveling

Planning a trip doesn’t only involve the adults. Whether you’re bringing your kids along or not, you certainly need to have them participate in the travel plan. That way, all of you can set expectations and everyone knows their role or duties throughout the duration of the trip.

  1. What is your favorite weather/season?

Asking your child her favorite weather or season indicates the places they would like to visit and the activities they like to do. For instance if they like summer, then perhaps they like to visit tropical islands and go to the beach or fly a kite.

  1. What are your travel must-haves?

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Understanding your child’s concept of travel must-haves prepares you in the pack up phase. If they intend to bring a lot, you can talk them into bringing just the more essential ones. Remember, it’s awfully inconvenient and expensive to bring extra.

  1. Do you like to try new food/dish?

A new place could mean new cuisine. If your child isn’t adventurous with food, then you can research in advance restaurants and diners where loved dishes are served. Or you can rent a vacation home or apartment where you can prepare you own meals. You can also talk them into trying at least a favorite native delicacy.


  1. Which activity do you like better?

Often, a place offers a wide range of activities, and if you have limited time, you might want to rate each activity according to preference. That way, you can prioritize the ones that you like to try or do, and then when time permits do the least preferred activities.


  1. Is having Internet a must for you?

Some places or hotels don’t have Internet, or at least a reliable one. If your child is hooked to the Internet, you might need to talk to them when you intend to visit a place that doesn’t have Internet. Perhaps you can think of engaging alternatives to Internet use.


Other questions to ask your kid before traveling are What excites you the most? What bores you the most? And What scares you the most? Asking these things allows you to prepare better for the trip ahead.

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