4 of the Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Traffic, noise and pollution – usual words to describe a city, and they don’t create any good visual but, certainly, there is more to cities than these.

The following urban destinations are just some of the man-made beauties where art and nature are in perfect harmony, offering residents and visitors a combination of magnificent architecture and breathtaking vistas.

Venice, Italy


According to those who have personally seen it, Venice is universally considered as the most beautiful city in the world.  It boasts of unusual urban design and indescribable artistic heritage with each of its buildings created uniquely, creating an enchanting reflections on the canals that spread across the city.  It is interesting to know that Venice is built on archipelago of 118 islands formed 150 canals in a shallow. The islands are connected by 400 bridges, and the canals serve the function of roads. Transportation is mainly on water or on foot.

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