4 Interesting UK Destinations for Kids

How else can you build memories with your children but by going on holidays with them while they are growing up? As much as you want them to take on the world and be the responsible adults you dream them to be, it will definitely help to create good childhood memories for them. Here are some destination suggestions you might want to try:



Designed for kids between 3 and 12, Legoland Windsor is a haven for children when it comes to playing. They will enjoy the rides and other places to explore such as the Legoland Castle and get a sci-fi experience at the Star Wars Miniland. Other rides include log flumes, roller coasters and fire engines.


National Space Centre

Located in Leicester, this is the largest planetarium in the UK with six interactive galleries and a 42-metre Rocket Tower. Here, kids will learn more about space and even learn how to build their own foam rockets. Let them have a feel of how it is to be in outer space with the air chair. The highlight, perhaps, is the ISS Launch Experience, with no less than British astronaut, Tim Peake, at the planetarium.


Isle of Mull

Located in Scotland, this is a travel destination for the whole family. From the mainland, a ferry boat ride will take you to the Isle of Mull where you can have time to relax and unwind as well as enjoy the spectacular wildlife of the Isle. You and your kids can book a cruise with Sea Life Surveys and choose from whale, dolphin, shark and wildlife cruises.


King Arthur’s Labyrinth

Sail with your family through an underground cavern complete with a mystical hooded guide. This adventure is also known as the underground storytelling experience about ancient kings, dragons and epic stories. If you have children who might be scared of the dark and the sound, there is a playground  as well as a maze they can enjoy instead.

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