4 Extreme Urban Adventures around the UK

For extreme sports enthusiasts, nothing beats an adrenaline pumping adventure. And what’s more exciting is when you get to do it right in the metropolis! So even if you don’t have the time and budget to travel far out, you can still experience the thrill of any of your favorite water sports right in the city. Here are 4 activities water sports fans would definitely enjoy.


White Water Rafting in Glasgow

Just a mile from the center of Glasgow is the Pinkston Watersports. It is the only artificial white water course in Scotland, providing many with a taste of thrill within a short trip from urban dwellers. Visitors have the option to navigate through a bodyboard or canoe. For groups, there’s the inflatable raft that can accommodate up to 6 persons.


Paddleboarding in Birmingham

Who says you have to be in open oceans before you can navigate around with a paddleboard? Although it is not yet as popular, exploring Birmingham through this sport gives one a unique viewpoint not only of the city but also of urban waterways. Aside from exploring the old industrial heartland of Birmingham, you also get to flex muscles while paddling around. That’s


Indoor Ice Climbing in Kinlochleven, Scotland

Regarded as the biggest ice climbing wall in the world, the Ice Factor should be on top of your itinerary. You will get to experience how it feels to be inside a big refrigerator as it packs real snow in a 12 meter wall. Now, that would be akin to Game of Throne’s the Wall, right?


Abseil in London

The city of London may not have tall peaks to climb but the Orbit, a 262 feet sculpture in the Olympic Park, will give active climbers an exciting way to view Wembley Stadium and St. Paul’s Cathedral as they freefall from the top. Now, that’s the most awesome way to tour around some of the city’s attractions!


Photos by: Escape Tripscamptannadoonah, and subflux

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