3 Ways to Travel for Less

Most people dream of traveling but are overwhelmed at the thought of the expenses. It’s true, trips can be expensive but there are ways to and means to travel on a shoe string budget. If you are one of those people who have been procrastinating on going to Southeast Asia or Africa, here are some tips you might want to consider. Knowing you have options can make a big difference.


Consider joining a group tour.

This is a good way to save on accommodation and transport while in the country you are visiting. Being with a bunch of strangers in a bus, dining in restaurants included in the package and visiting places of interest without getting lost are the key features of a group tour. This can be cheaper as opposed to independent traveling and building your own itinerary since package or group tour providers already have arrangements with hotels and transportation services at special prices so they can afford to offer cheaper rates.


Save up for your trip.

Preparing months or years for a vacation of your dreams is important if you want to make it a reality. You might want to take a second job or do some freelance work during weekends for vacation money. Perhaps you might want to cut down on unnecessary expenses like eating at expensive restaurants on weekends. What you can do is make a list of what you spend per month and try to cross out items you don’t really need.


Teach English.

Can you afford to be away for six months or a year? If you plan to go backpacking and explore different cultures, you might want to teach English once you arrive at your destination. This way, you can earn and at the same time get to mingle with the local students. There are available jobs for English native speakers. You can even work online if you prefer.

There are a myriad of ways to see the world without having to be a millionaire. These are just three options to help you get started on traveling.


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