3 Must-Visit Destinations in 2015

So many places to go, yet so little time. While other travelers will be flocking to much known destinations, why not head to some equally outstanding places that are still on the rise?


Fez, Morocco

When you mention going on holiday in Morocco, most people would think you were headed for Marrakesh. But did you know that there is a spot about 240 miles northeast that is equally stunning? While Marrakesh is already established, Fez is still on the rise – hotels, restaurants and galleries continue to pop up in the area.


Fez has some great accommodation options – Hotel Sahrai, Karawan Riad and Palais Faraj. The culinary scene is equally excellent with the likes of Restaurant No. 7 satisfying gastronomic cravings.

Rotterdam, Netherlands 

Amsterdam is always on everyone’s mind when thinking about the Netherlands. While the capital is an attraction for not just its old-world feel, Rotterdam is its opposite.

There is no shortage of attractions in Rotterdam – architecture, museums, etc. You name it, the city has got it. One of the latest attractions to pop up is the Markthal which is shaped like an igloo-like horseshoe and houses a wide variety of stalls – from Dutch cheeses to Moroccan spices – as well as restaurants and apartments.


Chengdu, China 

While famous for the 1,600 pandas, most of which live in the wild – Chengdu has a 72-hour no-visa policy that gives you enough time to see any one of the major panda research facilities. The best months to visit are June to October.


But apart from the black and white bears, there are other sights worthy of a visit. There’s the New Century Global Centre that has an artificial beach and the Temple House with a restored Qing Dynasty courtyard. These are just three of the most interesting destinations you should travel to in 2015. So, go out there and make some memories!

Photos by: Orin ZebestPaul Barker HemingsRick LigthelmJody McIntyre

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